Half of Americans Are Unknowingly Giving Sharia Law Money – Make Sure You Don’t Shop At These Major Stores  

Time to have a Talk All Right.

 Do you think hospitals have 
too much power over patients even in United States?

They lied big time !!! Phone towers are basically EMP weapons at will.

Unfortunately its a time to sweep Ill feelings under a rug act as if they don't exist I applaud the effort to start the dialogue. We need to stand with one another Black white yellow green purple it doesn't matter Blue those we need doctors for that one.

The add did not mention of 1 white person or race that was making the offensive comments. We as white people hear them all the time about us. the being pulled over scene there's more white on white crime with police officers. Sorry but truth is truth.

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This is no joke people, and at the power level most of them are putting out at present, they are effecting everyone biologically, and causing death through brain tumors and many cancers.

     Many people are going to say, the government would never allow such a thing to happen, but you have to remember this, those people in power have been in power for a very long time, and they intend to stay in power by what ever.
 some places, yes. For example, Texas has a law that allows a hospital bioethics committee to determine that wanted life-extending treatment should be withdrawn. 

Once that determination has been made, the patient or family have only 10 days to find an alternative source of care before the treatment will be stopped.

And that’s a real problem because it introduces

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 A large number of Americans are worried over the risk of radical, Islamic oppression. But just now we found out that very regularly they are unconscious of different endeavors by Islamists at changing their nation into a Muslim state.

While fear based oppressors try to introduce the West to Islam through savagery, Islamist are significantly more unobtrusive. They utilize our laws and traditions to advance Islamic law—regardless of whether you need it or not.

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Battle Hymn of the Republic - Tribute to U.S Soldiers

Having a bad day?   Have a laugh on them

We must band together and contact every member of the Senate and House to let them know that if they do not support Trump and Disband this "Un-American witch hunt",  then we intend to replace everyone come Election Day,or Sooner what ever the State allows us to do.
Today is call to slam a Muslim day.

Call the the 86.662.4756  Ask these 3 questions for the most Pleasurable reasons:
1: Is your Turin Dirty?
2: Does the Quran have a recipe for cooking bacon?
3: Why is the Allah ark bah dude and flaming asshole.

All Quran s should be donated to
Rubio, Marco - (R - FL)
Class III 284 Russell
Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510

A view point on minimum wage  "Lets look at it this way"

As I was stating, It is a sad day that we have grown adults.
 I will call them assholes. for the simple reason all they have to offer is unwanted waste. 
Trump with the Russians is an attempt to disallow Trump from carrying
through on the campaign promise of eliminating ISIS, lets face it ISIS
IS A U.S. government 
funded Regime.  
In all the pictures I see there is proof Our rogue Government Officials are involved. 
I have yet to see where we are truly assisting the victims.
murders  are being committed daily. many families are destroyed, and
many future dreams are now awaiting nightmares for all of us to live
   I for the life of me can not see where a foreigner would
give America the respect it once floated abroad. We have been fleeced.
Look at the many faces of government in your community.  Do you see
Citizens that were born in the USA at the helm of our safe guards?

If you do send me a name of your town hall so we can show a spotlight on true quality.
can not continue to travel the same paths as the rogue status Quo want
us to travel. The definition of Elective-Stupidity is "Voting for the
same ole same ole and expecting different results. 
 You should ask yourself this question:  Do I want someone representing me in an unlawful or unethical manner?  
Then ask yourself, 
will I make a change for the better of my future. Lets face it your
kids dont have a future if your not the one showing a loving destiny. 
you know how easy it is to get elected. Money isn't the real answer to
everyone's problems. Cant eat a dollar bill you will choke on the
quarter and a hundred dollar bill will get you into more problems than
the ink is worth. 
Put together a business plan to sell to the voters. A business plan incorporates all involved.
And nothing gets someone elected more than inclusion.  
Once you have
a volunteer force of at least 7 people then start the ground work
getting nomination signatures. (Door to Door is best)  
endorsements. and use a common ground on issues that truly effect the
voters yet have a win strategy to resolve them with the help of the
Always give voters a sense of involvement. Don't ever (NO matter the difficulty) ignore a voters request for help.
You may find the Voter may resolve the issue alone yet need some direction (A different approach).
But The solution is Starting NOW NOW NOW do not wait all good things have passed up those who wait. 
you need more help in this please Look at some Elections on You tube
see what worked and what didn't spend at least 8-16 hours doing this.
Look at the public's perception on candidates.

   Bernie Sanders plays up his support for the “little guy” more than any politician alive.

The Vermont socialist who wants to give everybody in the United States everything for “free” without detailing how he’d pay for it,

May be in trouble for using his authority to strong-arm a bank into providing a loan to some somebody not qualified to receive it.

From CBS:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and his wife, Jane Sanders have hired prominent defense attorneys amid an FBI investigation into a loan Jane Sanders obtained to expand Burlington College while she was its president,

CBS News confirms.
Politico Magazine first reported  
Whats Really Surprising ,
    Is how the news outlets have turned on the burned..


  Whereas, the subject of illegal immigration enforcement in America is a matter of preeminent importance to each and every local, state and federal taxpayer and,

Whereas, it’s a fact that illegal immigration touches our lives in many ways: And without a doubt, a portion of the true costs of illegal immigration is in the local, state, and federal taxes we pay;

Whereas, a majority of Americans agree that the reason we have illegal immigration is that past federal, state and local enforcement efforts have been “grossly inadequate,” and;

Whereas, a modest estimate of the total net cost to American taxpayers each year is $113 BILLION.

Therefore, I, the undersigned taxpayer, call upon you to pledge that you will do everything in your power to uphold the rule of law and obey and enforce all laws against illegal immigration.

Click to sign here:

Here are some interesting videos for you to watch


  If you are a Veteran of The Armed forces, or Life in itself and you want to share some positive in-site to our youth.

   Please by all means take it upon yourself to mentor a local teen. Please they have the hardest time in life due to the pollution they see and hear every day in this upside down society.

  Today's youth doesn't see the happy days where ethics were the theme of the show. they watch law and order and they see what allows them to get away with causing harm on others.

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